Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Graphic printing consists of many types of screen printing that are not on a textile surface. This could involve vinyl stickers, posters, acrylic and many other different types of substrates. There are some main differences in the processes and supplies used between textile screen printing and graphic screen printing.

Different Types of Ink

First, there are different types of inks used for most of the different types of substrates you are printing on. One of the main differences between graphic screen printing and textile printing is the ink.

Solvent Based Ink

Graphic screen printing ink does not need to be heat cured. There are two different types of graphic ink, solvent based air dry ink, and UV ink that has to be cured by a UV reactor. Because UV reactors and the presses used for UV printing are large and very expensive we primarily sell and recommend starting with a solvent based ink.

Multi Colour Printing

Solvent based inks have to be thinned with a specific thinner formulated for that type of ink. Solvent based inks are also mostly air dry inks. This means that you do not need to heat cure the inks after they are printed. However this also means that multiple colour printing cannot be done simultaneously. For a multi-colour print you must print the entire stock of first colour, let dry, and then print the following colours in that same fashion.

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